Introducing the ultimate mobile power source for the Starlink Satellite Internet Dish.  The first and only purpose-built all-in-one power and wifi package with no external power or network cables, antennas, wires, modems etc.   Everything you need is incorporated and self contained into an ultra compact and weather resistant cnc machined high density polyethylene box.  Weighing only 22lbs and the size of a briefcase, connecting to the internet has never been easier or faster!   Simply flip a power switch, aim at the sky and within minutes be surfing the internet at lightning speeds for up to 10 hrs on a single charge.  Should you run out of battery or need extended run times, each RoamSat unit comes with a 110v power supply / supercharger, and 12vdc accessory cable for infinite run times without the need to reconfigure anything.  For off the grid or emergency applications we now offer a 100w solar panel option which will not only power your RoamSat unit but will trickle charge the battery at the same time!  For any of these power / charging options, simply plug in the appropriate cable and the RoamSat does the work for you.


Note: All accessories can be added when customizing your RoamSat in the custom builder, or à la carte via the accessories page.

The RoamSat by Race Proven Motors is a completely modified Starlink Generation 3 ROAM dish, assembled, wired, tested and ready for use!

  • CNC Machined High Density Polyethylene Water Resistant Enclosure (23.75 x 13.5″ x 3″ box)
  • Custom 12v / 30AH Lithium Phosphate Battery w/ Built in BMS (8-10 hrs of use on a single charge)
  • Commercial Grade Access Point (features unsurpassed wifi signal and range, industry leading reliability, supports 100 simultaneous device connections ** Commonly found in casinos, ballparks and public venues)
  • Watertight / Fan Free Digital Smart  Charger for 110v pass through charging and 15a supercharging (2 hr charge time)
  • Choice of Sea Sucker vacuum mounts with 480lbs of pull force or rubber coated magnets with 240lbs pull force!
  • 12VDC Accessory Power Cable (bypasses Lifepo4 battery for unlimited run times on standard 12v DC battery power)
  • Battery Monitor
  • On / Off Switch (Once initially connected to your device wifi, this is all that is required to access the internet)
  • Completely modified Starlink Roam dish (customer supplied or sold separately), assembled, wired, tested  and ready for use!
* Disclaimer.  This package is designed for the purpose of enclosing and powering a Starlink Roam / RV Dish. We do not guarantee any performance or service related issues and have no control over your monthly contract pricing, terms and conditions, or any service related changes to your Starlink service / account. Your Starlink dish warranty will be voided due to the fact your Starlink dish will be modified with the internal motors removed. Your original power supply, cables and modem will no longer be used. Please ask all your questions, and do your research before purchasing.  All sales are final, and there are no refunds or exchanges.


For existing Starlink users,  you may ship your Starlink Roam dish to us for modification.  Please put your name and order number on the outside of the box for easy identification.   Your dish MUST be active with a "mobile" plan so that we can fully test the unit prior to shipping .  A residential or business plan will not allow us to test your unit so it is imperative you select a mobile regional or global plan.

Shipping Address:

RPM, Inc
C/O RoamSat
1063 La Mirada Ct.
Vista, CA 92081


STEP 2) 

If you are a new Starlink user, we now offer unregistered Starlink Roam dishes for MSRP.  We have added this convenience in order to speed up turn around time, prevent unnecessary shipping costs / lead times, and allow for activating the dish when received.  

When you receive your unit you will need to visit: 

Activate your dish by entering the kit number supplied with your RoamSat unit and selecting a monthly plan.  At present time we recommend the $150/mo regional mobile plan for most applications. This will provide unlimited data anywhere on land and in motion. For those seeking to use the RoamSat unit in the ocean AND on land, rather than enrolling in the $250/mo mobile priority data plan, we recommend toggling the “priority data” only when being used in the ocean. This way you keep the unlimited data while on land and only get charged $2/gb for the data used when used in the ocean. 

Also keep in mind your service can be paused at anytime when not being used.  For a more comprehensive map of what’s considered “on land” vs “ocean/maritime” please view the blue hexagon coverage map on the Starlink website